Ambrosia is born in Madrid from an urgency and a desire. Ambrosia is born to satisfy the need of a concept store like Ambrosia. Emerged from the talent of the family group Yusty, allured by the discovery of powerfully exclusive brands. A lust for art and a lust for life. The avid hunger of true fashion curators.

Ambrosia is born from a distinct sense towards beauty, a raw fascination for natural light. Within the greatness of space, a real dream shared by women moved by the urge to feel and try on unique garments designed by Victoria Beckham, Courrèges, Carven or Sonia Rykiel. Women who know that this is just the beginning.

Ambrosia is born in the Salamanca district to proof that less isn’t more: less is everything. Powered by a team eager to offer a one in a million experience for the privileged few. Surrounded by pieces that go beyond exclusivity. Limited and ephemeral. Welcome to an ever-changing world. Born and reborn every two weeks in the heart of Madrid. Welcome to Ambrosia.